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Why NewEvol?

As cybersecurity threats become increasingly sophisticated and frequent, it's crucial to have a comprehensive solution that you can trust. That's where NewEvol comes in – our dynamic threat defense system platform is designed to adapt to your current and future needs. Our platform includes a data lake solution, SIEM, analytics, SOAR, and threat intel solutions, all of which work together to keep your business secure. With NewEvol, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted and powerful cybersecurity platform at your fingertips. Trust us to be your partner in cybersecurity - we've got your back.

Data Visualization on NewEvol

Ease of Navigation

Security operations management can be complex, with multiple screens to navigate, frequent authentication, and constant data matching. NewEvol allows you to manage your security operations from a single console, making it easier to search, hunt, automate tasks, and more.

Automate Security Operation on Data Monitoring Platform

Effective Security Operations

Our DTD platform scales operational efficacy as it helps identify threats in real time, respond to security incidents quickly, enforce security configurations, monitor any drifts across your IT environments, and analyze risk through identity and context awareness.

Threat Detection Analytics via Cybersecurity Tool

Fewer False-Positives

Our cybersecurity solution effectively reduces the high volume of false positives by automating various security processes. This not only saves time with analytics and automation but also empowers SecOps with automated detection, investigation, and response.

Data Visualization on NewEvol

Reduce L1 Dependency

Use the Decision Support System (DSS) of NewEvol to reduce your reliance on Level 1 (L1) support. Automate routine and repetitive tasks, ensuring the system makes the right decisions to prevent potential threats. This helps mitigate errors and reduce the need for human intervention.

Automate Security Operation on Data Monitoring Platform

Ingest Anything

NewEvol has the capability to ingest all forms of data, including logs, events, alerts, and communication. We are committed to supporting you in meeting your business requirements by processing any data for further analysis. So, bring it on!

Threat Detection Analytics via Cybersecurity Tool

Find Unknown-Unknowns

Our unique Machine Learning (ML) algorithm and the unique 2D and 3D techniques our data scientists employ enable us to uncover and address abnormalities in any data. Unlike traditional rule-based systems, our approach helps identify “unknown unknowns” that may go unnoticed otherwise.

The Ultimate ‘All-In-One’ Cyber Security Platform

NewEvol is built with advanced technologies to protect your organization’s data against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

The next-generation cybersecurity tool is designed to augment your threat analysis, detection, and response capabilities. It provides centralized visibility into your IT environments, enabling you to identify potential threats & minimize risks efficiently.

Our Product
What Is NewEvol?

The Trained Dragon

NewEvol provides real-time visibility, identification, and quick response to security incidents. The powerful and smart threat intelligence platform is crucial for data monitoring and security operations against all cybersecurity threats.

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    Data Lake Cybersecurity tool

    Data Lake

    In the next-gen data management solutions- Data Lake helps big data engineers and business clients to meet the challenges & urges a new level of real-time analytics.

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  • 02
    SIME provides data security


    NewEvol provides data monitoring, analysis, real-time threat detection, and response insights. It generates an actionable plan for your cloud and on-prem infrastructure.

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  • 03
     predictive analytics


    Built on a big data platform, NewEvol Analytics helps you achieve predictive analytics based on threat hunting.

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    Orchestration and response on NewEvol data security Platform

    Orchestration and Response

    Respond to the alerts with just a click. An automated playbook does it all—no need to worry about human intervention.

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    Threat Intelligence via Cybersecurity Tool

    Threat Intelligence

    The NewEvol Threat Intelligence module helps organizations easily inherit intelligence and take actions to minimize potential risks.

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    Threat Intelligence via Cybersecurity Tool


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Data Visualization on NewEvol

Single Console

Say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple screens to manage security operations. Our all-in-one console streamlines various processes, including log search, remediation, and evidence collection, in one place.

Automate Security Operation on Data Monitoring Platform

Automation & Response

Playbooks for monitoring, detection, and response processes are built into the system, which allows these actions to be automated. You can mitigate identified threats without any human intervention.

Threat Detection Analytics via Cybersecurity Tool

Dynamic Threat Analytics

The 2D and 3D algorithms make NewEvol a unique platform to fight against unknown threats. Dynamic threat analytics feature continuously provides input to the platform to detect any abnormalities found in the data.

Data Visualization on NewEvol

Decision Support System

The Decision Support System integrated with SOAR enables the system to perform autonomous actions, thereby reducing the dependence on security analysts.

Automate Security Operation on Data Monitoring Platform

Threat Intelligence

We regularly capture Threat Intelligence feeds from global sources and insert them into the system. This enhances its intelligence and enables it to take smart, necessary actions when applicable.

Threat Detection Analytics via Cybersecurity Tool

Built-in Algorithm

At the heart of our system lies Machine Learning (ML), which employs a diverse range of algorithms to detect abnormalities in the data.

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