NewEvol - Cybersecurity Platform

Next-Gen Cybersecurity Tool to Assess, Measure, and Remediate Security Vulnerabilities. NewEvol comes with the data analytics, automation & response platform based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Data Visualization on NewEvol

CxO Visualization

Our CxO dashboards represent the real-time data in a modest & narrative way with low latency that displays the details 'as is’. It offers highly interactive and intuitive dashboards, graphs, and timelines. These visuals can be highly useful during the investigation process.

Automate Security Operation on Data Monitoring Platform

Automate Security Operations

The powerful security operations platform helps you to automate different security operations against vulnerable threats and saves immense time using analytics and automation. This platform empowers SecOps with automation-driven detection, investigation, and response. Remediate the threats with a single click using our playbooks.

Threat Detection Analytics via Cybersecurity Tool

Analytics-based Threat Detection

Data monitoring tool helps to identify threats in real-time, which responds to security incidents quickly, enforces security configurations, monitors any drifts across your IT environments, and analyses risk through identity and context awareness.

The Ultimate ‘All-In-One’ Cyber Security Platform

NewEvol is built with advanced technologies to protect your organization’s data against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

The next-generation cybersecurity tool is designed for advanced analysis, detection, and the response of threat attacks. With this tool, you can efficiently identify potential threats & minimize risks with full visibility into your IT environments.

Our Product

The Trained Dragon

NewEvol gives real-time visibility, identification, and quick response to security incidents. The powerful and smart threat intelligence tool is crucial for data monitoring and security operations against all types of cybersecurity threats.

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    Data Lake Cybersecurity tool

    Data Lake

    In the next-gen data management solutions- Data Lake helps big data engineers and business clients to meet the challenges & urges a new level of real-time analytics.

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  • 02
    SIME provides data security


    NewEvol provides data monitoring, analysis, real-time threat detection, and response insights. It generates an actionable plan for your cloud and on-prem infrastructure.

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  • 03
     predictive analytics


    Built on a big data platform, NewEvol Analytics helps you achieve predictive analytics based on threat hunting.

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    Orchestration and response on NewEvol data security Platform

    Orchestration and Response

    Respond to the alerts with just a click. An automated playbook does it all. No need to worry about human intervention.

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    Threat Intelligence via Cybersecurity Tool

    Threat Intelligence

    NewEvol Threat Intelligence module helps organizations easily inherit intelligence, and take actions to minimize the potential risks.

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    Threat Intelligence via Cybersecurity Tool


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