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Beta Partner Program

Our pedigree is “services” oriented, and we understand our customer’s needs very well. Our Beta Partner Program is specially designed to enhance our product and services to meet future customer demands.

If you want to learn more about participating in a specific program, please sign up for a partnership.

About participate with Newevol Beta Partner

About Beta Partnership

Beta Partnership lets you participate in shaping NewEvol products by test-driving pre-release versions and providing detailed feedback. Select the partnership option and gain access to dedicated resources, programs, and tools to help you maximize your sales efforts.

Beta Partner Application


Be a beta partner with NewEvol and get exclusive benefits such as early excess of new releases, customized support, customized development for your environment, being a part of a new use case development team, a dedicated person to handle your request on priority & much more.

NewEvol beta partner gives Competitive Advantage

Early Access of New Release

Partners develop in-depth expertise on new NewEvol releases or products prior to general availability.

Product Expertise with NewEvol beta partner

Direct Excess to Product Team

Partners work closely with NewEvol’s product managers and engineers who design, build, and test NewEvol products.

Accelerated Development of new use-cases via NewEvol beta partner

Priority on Customization

Get a priority on your customized requirement, integrations, playbook and much more through our dedicated product development team.

Selection Process

Follow the following steps to become a Beta Partner with NewEvol.

Sign-up for Beta Partner

Sing up

Meet to NewEvol & Partner Team

Meet Selection Team

Finalized Agreement on Beta Partner

Finalize Agreement

You are Beta Partner of NewEvol

Let’s Go Together

Beta Partner Application