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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected all you need to know about NewEvol and our next-gen SIEM solution on this FAQ page.

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NewEvol is the next generation Cybersecurity tool designed for advance analysis, detection and response of threats. With NewEvol, your team can improve transparency of your organization in a single pane of glass so they can effectively identify potential threats and minimize risk.

NewEvol is a complete platform build for end-to-end security analysis. Users can do threat hunting, Incident response, SOAR and analytics under single console.

NewEvol collector, at the data collection layer collects logs from various devices like security devices, Linux systems, firewalls, endpoints etc. NewEvol is formed to improve customer’s real time visibility on threats and historical security events. This event data collection helps your team to identify, understand and respond to attacks.

NewEvol can be implemented on Premise as well as well cloud environment.

NewEvol is licensed based on the GB/day consumption of the data.

NewEvol has an open API architecture. Any third-party SCADA or IT devices can be integrated.

Bandwidth compression between devices and NewEvol collector is 1:5. And bandwidth compression between collector and Data Lake is 1:7.

NewEvol first ingests data from end devices. Ingested data goes through correlation in the data lake. Correlated data is then mapped against threat intel feeds. And based on predictive threat hunting, a real-time alert is detected. These alert are then remediated using SOAR by running playbooks associated with the respected alert.

NewEvol Primary Bundle comprises of Data Lake, Threat hunting and Threat Intelligence.

Yes. NewEvol can be considered as a managed service product.

No need to add additional agents to enable NewEvol. NewEvol collector is capable of collecting logs from end devices directly.

NewEvol Threat Intelligence collects feeds from various open as well as premium sources. All the feeds are first analyzed by our security experts and then filtered feeds are sent to customers for better analysis.

It will depend upon the daily incoming data. NewEvol is capable of handling petabytes of data. Hardware sizing will also change accordingly.

Yes. NewEvol platform can be integrated with any SOAR.

Once NewEvol is setup and log ingestion start, our AI and ML based algorithm will start understanding the customer environment based on daily traffic. After understanding, if any changes in traffic is detected, that event will be marked as an alert for future analysis.

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As License is concurrent based, there is no limitation on the number of accesses to the platform.

NewEvol covers various compliances like GDPR, HIPPA, SOX and many more.

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