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Introduction to NewEvol’s Data Lake Solutions 

Just like oil and gold, data has become a valuable digital asset for businesses across the globe. As digital innovation continues to reshape industries, Delloitte foresees that data collection and analysis will become the basis of business models and service offerings by 2030. However, managing voluminous data and extracting valuable insights from it, is an enormous task.   

These are the typical data-related problems organizations face:  

  • Siloed and poor-quality data  
  • Diversity in data types, formats 
  • Shortage of skilled professionals 
  • Redundant data  
  • Data unavailability 
  • No SOP to manage and handle increasing volumes of data 
  • Lack of data storage space  
  • Huge data management cost  

NewEvol’s data lake solutions can cater to all your data-related needs. Data comes into various formats- structured, unstructured, organized, unorganized, internal, or external. Data lake architecture can store all types of unpolished data.  

A data lake is not just about storing petabytes of data, it can also analyze it with commendably quick processing time. Just like a lake is capable of storing vast amounts of water, a data lake is designed to store limitless volumes of data that can be accessed easily in a split of a second. 

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How does data lake help in managing data?  

Enabling Limitless data ingestion:  

NewEvol’s data lake platform has been developed on Hadoop-based architecture that allows limitless data ingestion into the lake. It can analyze huge volumes of data using the distributed file system.  

Creating a central location for data: 

It becomes easier to use and analyze data when it is stored in a central location. NeweEvol’s data lake gets easily integrated with a pre-packaged and extensive data ingestion pipeline. This way, it creates a centralized data center for data coming from multiple sources.  

Securing the data from theft or attack: 

A data lake, being a central repository of valuable data may be vulnerable to cyberattacks or data theft. NewEvol data lake cybersecurity platform provides multiple security layers to the stored data to ensure that the data is accessed only by genuine users for a genuine purpose.  

What sets NewEvol data lake apart from a traditional data lake?  

Traditional data lake collects and stores multiple copies of the same data in different locations. NewEvol’s data lake removes data redundancy and duplication by employing machine learning-based security analytics to build a common data repository. Therefore, NewEvol’s data lake solutions are more refined and it allows faster data processes and access. 

Some of the key features of the NewEvol data lake are mentioned below:  

Cluster-based architecture:  

Considering that the volumes of data will keep increasing forever, NewEvol’s Hadoop-based structure make data lake expansion easier. The user can scale up just by adding multiple nodes as per data requirements. 

Ensures data security and privacy:  

NewEvol data lake has advanced control and reports generation capabilities when it comes to data security and privacy. This feature helps businesses meet security specifications and audit reporting requirements as per industry standards.  

Improved data visualization:  

NewEvol data lake platform uses graphical elements to offer better visualizations into dense datasets. As a result, it makes analyzing a massive amount of data so simple that the user can just drag and drop the preferred elements and get customized reports.  

Why do you need a NewEvol data lake?  

Extracting value out of voluminous data lake solutions can help you outperform your competitors. A GMI (Global Market Insights) study suggests that the market size of the data lake will grow phenomenally by 2027 since a huge amount of data is every day being generated on various information platforms. If you want to be a market leader amidst dense competition, you have to resort to properly analyzed and secured data that can help you identify and act upon untapped opportunities. NewEvol data lake can help you with this.  

What are the benefits?  

Data scalability:  

A data Lake enables you to handle constantly growing and evolving datasets. With more data at your fingertips, you can get valuable insights into consumer patterns, buying behavior, emerging trends, etc. It keeps you ahead of the competition in the business. 

Data convergence:  

Data lake eliminates the need to convert data into a specific format. Hadoop-based architecture is capable of storing multi-structured data such as logs, XML, sensor data, binary, social data, chat, multimedia, etc. Data lake saves huge data conversion costs and converges different types of data for easy accessibility.  

High-speed data:  

Employing advanced techniques, data lake provides access to highspeed data that is integrated with historical data for deep insights.  

Uncovers insights: 

Implanting schema, a data lake can help data flow in an analytical system. This further uncovers valuable insights into trends and patterns by analyzing dense datasets. By implanting the schema, you can optimally utilize structured and unstructured data.  

Advanced analytics:  

Data lake employs deep learning algorithms for huge amounts of coherent data. It empowers quick decision-making by providing real-time insights.  

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February 17, 2022

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