NewEvol Next-Gen SIEM: Information Security Platform

NewEvol Next-Gen SIEM

Market research by CBInsights estimates that more Unicorn startups will come from the data management market as the demand for data integration and visual analytics continue to increase. The outbreak of COVID 19 has disrupted lives and has brought irreversible changes to our lifestyles. Digitalization is one such consequence of disruption. As a result, the global enterprise data management market is estimated to grow by $64.08 billion during 2021-2015 at a CAGR of 12.89%

More digitization means more cyber threats. In the past two years, the demand for robust data security solutions has increased astronomically. 

There was a time when Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions were so expensive that only huge organizations could afford them. With increasing demand, SIEM solutions are now affordable and largely available. To optimally utilize this security solution, you should first understand what is its use and which SIEM software solution is perfectly suitable for your organization’s needs.  

What is SIEM?  

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a cyber security tool that is built for the advanced detection and analysis of threats. NewEvol SIEM has an inbuild threat intelligence tool that sets it apart from regular SIEMs. It has advanced cyber analytic capabilities. Its advanced features enable the SOC team to detect and address cyber threats before they disrupt the organization’s IT environment. It has an integrated MITRE framework dashboard which helps it detect, visualize and represent threats in a most effective manner.  

SIEM chiefly performs two tasks:  

– Reports security incidents  

– Generates alerts based on the analytics that complies with a certain rule set. 

How does it work? 

A hyperconnected digital ecosystem can create a data deluge and there are many doorways open for cyber threats. SIEM works as a data aggregator that can collect huge volumes of data from the connected IT environment. The data is then consolidated and if any security breach is found, it is highlighted in real-time with all the essential details like the source and nature of the threat. 

For this, the SIEM platform works in three phases:  

  1. Data collection: It collects logs from various data sources like security devices, cloud applications etc.   
  1. Correlation: After the mammoth task of data collection, SIEM correlates the data in real-time through an advanced correlation engine. In case of inconsistency, it generates alerts and prioritizes them based on the MITRE attack framework. After that, further analysis is performed.  
  1. Engaging visualization: After correlation, data is pushed to the dashboard. The dashboard engagingly displays the data in the form of intuitive charts and diagrams. It ensures that analysts do not miss out on a single security alert.  

Cutting-edge features of NewEvol SIEM Solutions:  

It provides actionable insights:  

NewEvol SIEM Solutions is capable of functioning in a real-time environment. It quickly detects cyber threats and provides a complete analysis of the threat. These actionable insights help analysts prepare a robust defense mechanism.  

It provides comprehensive visibility:  

NewEvol SIEM comprehensively displays logs. It thus becomes easier for security analysts to view and analyse complex logs and events.  

It correlates events from multiple devices:  

NewEvol SIEM is empowered with a powerful correlation engine. Thus it can correlate different events happening in an IT environment connected with various security and cloud devices.  

It is scalable:  

NewEvol SIEM is built on a scalable architecture. Without any downtime, it can expand and scale-up. It means that data analysts can continue their work without any data loss.  

User-friendly GUI:   

NewEvol SIEM has a comprehensible Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool. It helps analysts to monitor threat hunting individually and independently.  

Can be integrated easily:  

NewEvol SIEM comes with an open API architecture. Users can easily integrate their devices with the SIEM solution.  

It comes with a natural language query builder:  

NewEvol SIEM has a natural language query builder which facilitates threat analysis without the knowledge of additional programming language.  

Which SIEM Solutions do you need?  

Some SIEMs can be extremely noisy as they generate several false alarms as well. Therefore many organizations are maintaining two separate SIEMs. The one can be resource-intensive and can be utilized for compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GDPR etc. The other can be used for its original purpose, which is data security.  

Beware of these pitfalls:  

  • IT teams should carefully verify the quality of the logs generated. If they are generated from infected endpoints, then the security of the entire system can be compromised. SIEM should receive correct and sufficient log files to perform its task optimally.  
  • If everyday events of an IT environment turn into alerts, it can drive analysts crazy. The real problem then would be lost in the unnecessary noise. While implementing a SIEM software solution, this particular point should be taken into the consideration.  
  • Do not overlook the storage needs. You need sufficient storage space for the log files. Some SIEM solutions charge extra for storing the data in their system. In the case of a cyberattack, investigators may need an extensive number of logs to track and analyse the malicious activity and its entry points.  
  • When you implement a SIEM solution, consider future growth, current resources for data storage and capabilities of the SIEM you have selected. 

Krunal Medapara

Krunal Mendapara is the Chief Technology Officer, responsible for creating product roadmaps from conception to launch, driving the product vision, defining go-to-market strategy, and leading design discussions.

August 29, 2022

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