Sattrix Software Solutions Launched NewEvol, a Comprehensive Data Security Platform Globally

NewEvol is a Next Generation Cybersecurity Platform

NewEvol is a Next Generation Cybersecurity Platform

Dearborn, Michigan Jan 19, 2022 – After much anticipation by businesses around the world, NewEvol is launched Data Security Platform (DSP) today. The advanced cyber security analytics tool is based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance visibility of data while providing essential protection for businesses against different types of threats

Developed by Sattrix Software Solutions, NewEvol is the ultimate data security solution for businesses and enterprises to collect, detect, correlate and remediate different types of business specific cyber security threats. The incredible NewEvol CxO dashboard is highly interactive and intuitive to help you with understanding data in real-time with graphs and timelines. One can easily automate different security operations requirements to fight against known issues as per the business demands.

Also, the comprehensive Data Security Platform provide essential and immediate response to protect the data and business. You can empower your business with built-in threat intelligence, analytics and automation across your IT, cloud and IoT infrastructure.

NewEvol Data Security Platform comes with the following astonishing data security features to enhance your business security posture and make it bullet-proof:

NewEvol Data Lake provides a powerful data repository that stores data in structured, semi-structured, unstructured, raw or granular format. It helps businesses meet bigdata challenges and drive real-time analytics. It is built on platform agnostic architecture to manage security analytics and much more efficiently.

NewEvol SOAR, an automation, orchestration & response tool which remediates identified threats by triggering quick actions without any human intervention.

NewEvol Analytics is one of the advance features of NewEvol, an ML (machine learning) based predefined algorithm to detect unknow-unknows from the plethora of data residing in the platform.

NewEvol Threat Intelligence tool collects threat feeds from various sources (open and premium sources) and ingest them into the platform to help mapping events in real-time and detects malicious
domains, IPs, malware and more.

NewEvol NextGen SIEM is a tool that provides comprehensive visibility of logs and events, correlate them and highlight potential risks and threats to protect the organization’s digital ecosystem.

Our pedigree of setting up many SOCs in past decade had lead us to think; why not something which can make incident management lifecycle much easier to manage. Why not to go much beyond then
traditional rule based SIEM? Why advance technologies like ML and AI can not be used to make analyst’s life much easier? Why not to make something which is easy to use? We gave shape to our thought in last more than three and a half year with tremendous efforts to make something which is scalable, easy to use and adoptable easily. We strongly believe future is yet to come for NewEvol this is just a start.

-Sachhin GAJJAER, Founder & Group CEO

About NewEvol:
NewEvol is a next-generation cybersecurity platform designed for advanced analysis, detection, and the response of threats. With NewEvol, your team gains full visibility of the environment in a single pane of glass so that they can efficiently identify potential threats and minimize risk.
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January 24, 2022

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