What is a Cybersecurity Platform? – Demystifying Digital Defense

what is a cybersecurity platform

It’s time to say no to data breaches and take Safety measures to ensure the safety of your workplace and empower Digital transformation!

Quick Summary: Cybersecurity product or platform might be the only available option for you to fight off emerging cyber crimes and threats. But, before committing to any one platform, it is essential to know what a platform for data protection means and how it will advantage your business in the long run. So, here is a detailed guide explaining the pros of an exquisite platform you can always turn to for protection.


With the ever-increasing use of digital or online services, almost every business has shifted to virtual ground. It is entirely understandable, seeing how only a bunch of customers prefer the physical mode. When everyone’s favorite global network, the internet, has made it convenient for one to engage in the market conveniently without leaving home, big and small businesses accepted the new trend with open arms. And unsurprisingly, it turned out to be a profitable decision. However, nothing good comes easy.  

The first half of 2022 ended with over 53 million people becoming victims of cybercrimes like data leakage, breaches, and data exposure. The FBI reported $43 billion stolen using business email compromise since 2016. All these statistics undoubtedly raise the need for a reliable and secure security platform. 

Read ahead to learn everything about cybersecurity platform like its meaning, significance, and if it is finally time for you to get one!

Define cybersecurity platforms? 

A single attack can tarnish the reputation of an organization’s security system, lead you to financial loss, reduce your shareholders and investors, and become a farewell for many of your regular and loyal customers. What is more terrifying than all that? You can lose everything you built so far in a blink of an eye. It is advisable to take cautious actions to safeguard your company’s value and goodwill. And these actions come in the form of a reliable cybersecurity platform!

Average cost of data breach by country in 2022: A comparison of financial impact across different nations

A cybersecurity platform is a solution to shield your organization from various virtual attacks by combining traditional multiple security tools with the latest innovations. These platforms conjoin the functionalities to detect any potential threat or underlying danger and take appropriate actions and steps to prevent it. Further, data protection platforms are comparatively cheaper than several disparate security tools.

12 Pillars That collectively form a robust cybersecurity platform

Below are some of the essential pillars:

1. Risk Management

It involves identifying, assessing risks and then prioritizing them based on severity to an organization’s assets, for example, data, system, and networks, and then creating a systematic strategy to mitigate these risks.

2. Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM will ensure that the systems can only be accessible to authorized devices or individuals, which can involve authorization, authentication & management of user identities and permissions.

3. Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Here, security teams continuously monitor all the systems and networks for any suspicious activities & incidents in combination with strong and effective incident response plans that can help them to quickly detect, respond, and recover from security breaches.

4. Data Protection

Making use of methods such as data masking, access controls, encryption & secure storage practices to maintain the availability, confidentiality & last but not least integrity of sensitive data.

5. Network Security

Using configurations such as Firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection/intrusion prevention systems to protect an organization’s network infrastructure from possible disruptions and unauthorized access.

6. Endpoint Security

Using antivirus software, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and patch management to Protect desktop, laptop & mobile devices from threats like malware & unauthorized access powering up Endpoint protection.

7. Security Awareness and Training

Making employees aware of all the cybersecurity processes, procedures, policies & best practices reduces human error and boosts security posture.

8. Cloud Security

In a cloud native setup, whatever files get hosted on multi cloud environments, be it data, applications & services, should be secure for which several cloud based measures are taken, such as encryption, identity management, and monitoring.

9. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Following all the required regulations, laws & industrial standards through proper security controls, audits, and reporting.

10. Threat Intelligence

It is one of the sources and tools used by experts to stay updated with the latest emerging threats, enabling proactive defense measures.

11. Vendor Risk Management

It simply means managing the cybersecurity risks posed by third-party vendors or partners who have or might have access to your systems or data.

12. Application security

It is the implementation of secure coding practices, web application firewalls (WAFs), and regular security testing to secure applications & APIs.

Types of cyber security platforms ?

1. Data lake solutions

It’s a centralized repository that works as a comprehensive storage solution to store vast amounts of data under a single platform in its native format collected from sources such as logs, network traffic & security events,  enabling advanced analytics and insights for threat detection, forensics, and compliance purposes.

2. SIEM security solutions

Comes with advanced features such as threat detection, real-time monitoring, compliance reporting & correlation of events by using the data they aggregate and analyze from various sources.

This tool makes it easier for professionals to identify and respond to security threats effectively.

3. Security Analytics platform

Used mainly to identify patterns, anomalies, and trends in cybersecurity data & help organizations find out potential threats by understanding the attack behaviors and improving their overall security defenses.

4. SOAR solutions

Its main job is to integrate security technology & automate incident response workflow. In addition, it also streamlines security operations by orchestrating response actions, automating repetitive tasks, and improving incident response efficiency.

5. Cyber threat intelligence platform

Helps organizations deal against potential or current dangers by making them understand the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by a threat actor, anticipate attacks, and strengthen defenses.

6. Security operations platform

This toolset is used to ensure proactive security management and rapid incident response by following processes such as monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents across an organization’s IT environment.

7. Incident response solutions

Extremely helpful for those organizations looking to effectively & efficiently detect, manage, and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

8. Threat hunting Platform

Highly helpful in protecting an organization’s Network and systems from different vulnerabilities & hazards.

Why is a cybersecurity Platform important for companies?

Illustration of a shield protecting digital data, symbolizing the importance of a data security platform

It doesn’t matter if your company is small or big; you can not jeopardize your company’s data and reputation by neglecting its security. Condoning data safety can impact your business in a way that can leave you forever culpable. When cyberattacks and security incidents continue to reach new peaks each day, it becomes critical to espouse effective cyber security platforms. Additionally, data protection platforms are significant for many more reasons. For instance:

1. Cyber attacks

In 2021, there were approximately 24 thousand cyber security incidents worldwide. Out of which, over 2 thousand incidents were concerning small companies and industries, while the professional and public sectors detected more than 3 thousand and 2 thousand cases, respectively. Every day comes with news of a new cyber attack.

Data security platforms ensure to identify potential threats before the attacks and take effective measures against them to prevent you from falling into the hackers’ ploy.

2. Protects your company’s reputation

A breach or tampered data can affect your organization more than you can imagine. With so much competition in the market, it is vital to maintain your goodwill to keep the customers coming. Inaccurate information can break your bond with your loyal customers in a minute. That is why it is crucial to take precautions and employ data security platforms to maintain authenticity.

3. Automated attacks

One of the reasons to have a data security platform is to save your business from automated attacks. Many times, the attacker sends bots to harm the company’s system. Moreover, such attacks can divert the attention of your security team, giving the hacker enough time to break into the company’s network.

4. Avoid unnecessary expenses

A data breach or loss endangers your company’s reputation and costs you in monetary terms. If you were ignorant about the earlier security incidents, it is time to pay extra attention to them using data protection platforms.

What are the benefits of a cyber security Platform?

All the 24×7 customer service, thousands of emails, and daily marketing campaigns to satisfy your customers are unquestionably excellent ways to strive for your business. But, unknown to you, somewhere, someone might be tracking your daily activities to strike your reputation. The rising number of cyberattacks annually is no less than a reminder to take assistance from a highly effective cyber security platform. If you are unsure about it, contemplate the hefty benefits a data protection platform brings with it:

1. Enhanced data management

Analytics and data are the pivotal elements of marketing strategy. It is crucial to adhere to data security regulations by staying updated with their latest guidelines. Data security platforms conform to rules and modify the information per your business requirement. A good data security platform enhances privacy and operational activities and paves the way to productivity.

2. Protects your business’s goodwill

Customer trust is one of the primary fuels that keeps a business alive. Any misleading or false information published with your company’s name can cost you substantially. Data protection platforms affirm to secure your sensitive data and alert you in advance whenever they locate a potential threat to the organization.

3. Better security

You can level up your company’s Authorization security by using security platforms. Not every piece of information is for all employees, and you can shelter the data by applying various validation steps to access it. For instance, an employee will take permission first, then undergo the authentication and verification process before viewing the confidential information.

4. Shields your business from external and internal threats

Believe it or not but your business is never safe. Many hackers wait for the perfect opportunity to execute their plan to access the organization’s private information. However, the attacker doesn’t need to be an outsider in every case; it can be an insider too. Internal threats are easily avoidable by implementing robust access control and security.

How can our product NewEvol help your company?

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It is no secret that cyber attacks are unfortunately becoming common in the corporate world. From small businesses to large firms, these digital crimes leave no one and ensure severely adverse effects. But, you do not have to expose yourself to them, and certainly not when our NewEvol is here to shield your business. Steer away from landing into the traps of preventable attacks by making the appropriate and correct security decisions.

Now, what makes our NewEvol special from others? NewEvol, built with advanced technology, stands unbeaten to protect your firm’s data against any potential cyber threat and vulnerability. This next-generation tool is designed to analyze, detect, and counterattack threats. NewEvol allows you to identify abnormal activities in your company’s system and remediates with automation, saving time and effort.

It follows a Threat prevention strategy to save your company from any inevitable harm or danger.

NewEvol accompanies multiple benefits you can cultivate. For example:

  • It is equipped with various cybersecurity solutions solutions to prevent any data breach.
  • Efficiently manages cyber threats using machine-assisted techniques.
  • NewEvol provides real-time visibility, identification, and quick responses.

Ready to protect your enterprise data across multiple environments? Request for a demo today!

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